Description of the event:

The 6 Hours of Altenmarkt are held on an icy round course (without salt and crushed stone) and uniformity competition with training, qualifications and 6 hour race. The ranking is based on the laps completed. There are 3 classes up to year 1972, from 1973 to 1985 from 1986 to 1994. Each class is separate.

Registered vehicles:

• 2 WD up to 1994 (not approved 4 WD)

Prescribed vehicle equipment:

• Permanently installed fire extinguisher
• Min 4 point seat belt
• Obligation stickers are issued by the organizer


In order to ensure equality of opportunity, it is permissible to use lamellae tires, tires which have been skipped or covered, for all road traffic applications. Tires with studs (e.g., Black Rocket or similar) are by no means allowed. For each participating vehicle, a maximum of 6 tires will be marked on acceptance. Driving with unmarked tires means the exclusion from the competition



Allowed spikes 


Only commercially available spikes with a maximum of two plates are allowed, which are also approved for public transport. Bolted spikes are forbidden anyway.

A maximum of 10 spikes per 10 cm tire tread may be used.

The spikes must not exceed a maximum height of 2 mm from the tread to the top of the spike.




Forbidden spikes



We would like to call your attention to above mentioned definition of permitted tires and spikes for HIT 2019 (training and races). Tires and spikes will be inspected during technical acceptance. Accepted tires will be marked. Unmarked tires may not be used at all.


• The competition tires are marked from the technical scrutineering and will be controlled during the competition. A maximum of 6 tires are allowed and have to be marked at the scruteneering.

Maximum approved tire sizes:


Certified driver:

• 2 max 4 pilots
• Possession of a valid driving license
• Helmets are mandatory for driver and co-driver

Track description (round trip):

Circuit with a length of about 1.5 – 2,5 km and a width of 7-10 m, with an ice and snow surface,  no salt or gravel.


• The winner from each class after the 6 hours is the team, which passes first the finish line and has completed the most laps.
• 1 Class until 1972
• 2 Class of Year 1973-1985
• 3 Class of Year 1986-1994
• Nations Cup: The best 3 teams from each nation will be used for evaluation

Historic Ice Trophy
Schlatterbergweg 5
A- 5541 Altenmarkt
+43 -664-3328800


Prescribed car equipment:

• Permanently installed fire extinguisher
• Minimum 4 point seat belt

Recommended car equipment:

• Cage or roll bar
Prescribed equipment for the driver and co-driver:
• Helmets are mandatory

Recommended equipment for the driver and co-driver:

• Racing overalls
• Gloves
• Fire resistant base Layer Cap

Equipment and technical condition of vehicles:

• All cars must be in a technically flawless and reliable condition, which is subjected to a thorough examination of technical inspection.  At the front and rear must be a well-marked towing hook mounted. Since being driven partly by night, each car must be equipped with a functional and adequate lighting device (Highway Code).


Course description:

• Round Course - Length 1.5 – 2,5 km, width about 7 - 10 m , road surface - ice and snow (no salt, no gravel).


• Refueling only in designated areas and at the pit lane.
• EXCEPTION: refueling only out of 20lt tank canisters with filler neck.

Pit stop and driver change:

During the 6 hours are 3 pit stops required for a drivers change.
The engine must be turned off during the drivers change


• The number of participants is limited to 35 cars / teams. The nominations will be treated according to their preferred input and can be accepted only with paid- entry fee (deposit slip). Entries may be refused without giving reasons. If a nomination cannot be accepted, the entry fee will be returned again.
With the acceptance of the entry, each team is allowed to start in the 6 Hours of Altenmarkt. The entry fee includes the evening event, as well as the hospitality at the circuit for the nominated team.
The cost of accommodation (hotel) is not included in the entry fee.

Implementing rules and additional information:

Follow the instructions of the organizer is imperative to follow.
On public roads, the Road Traffic Act applies.
The driving and the speed should be definitely chosen the skill and the vehicle accordingly.
On the entire route and in particular before the start and finish line stopping is prohibited, unless there is a technical infirmity.
After 6 hours, the race will be finished with the checkered flag.
The instructions of the marshals and flag signals must be obeyed.

Administrative order:

• At the administrative checks every driver has to show his entry confirmation, proof of entry fee payment and a valid driving license.
• A minimum of 2 up to a maximum of 4 drivers per team.

Technical Scrutineering:

• Each participating car has to be in perfect technical condition and must be completed with start numbers and sponsor stickers required of the organizer. Particular emphasis is placed on brakes and lighting. For scrutineering, all cars must have the competition tires mounted on which the competition is contested. The tires will be marked and checked during the entire event. The assembly and correct identification of the tow hooks is controlled (1 each front and back hoes marked in yellow or red). Participants are responsible for ensuring that no damage can occur when towing to their vehicle.
For security reasons, all participants are required to wear helmets during the race and this must be presented at scrutineering without being asked. A permanently mounted portable fire extinguisher is required. A 4 -point seat belt for the driver and co-driver is also required.
Other safety equipment such as roll bars, cage, bucket seats, Power cutout, fire extinguishing systems , etc. are of course desirable, but not mandatory.

Circuit Inspection:

• Monday 14.01.2019 on foot.

Drivers meeting:


  • The Drivers Briefing is mandatory

Time keeping:

• All times driven by the participants will be detected by a timing system installed by the organizer. Own timekeeping systems, digital and analog, are allowed in the car. Expressly forbidden are external time measurement systems and their transfer into the vehicle. All kinds of odometers are allowed.

Ranking mode:

• starting lineup is based on the placement of the qualifying.
• Start is flying.
• The winner from each class after the 6 hours is the team, which passes first the finish line and has completed the most laps.
• 1. Class until 1972
• 2 Class of Year 1973-1985
• 3 Class of Year 1986-1994
• Nations Cup: The best 3 teams from each nation will be used for evaluation

Penalty points:

• Failure to follow the flag signals
• Not performed driver change


• Coarse negligent behavior during the competition
• Non-compliance with the regulations


• The organizer declines any liability for personal injury and property damage that may occur during the event. The drivers alone are responsible for all civil and criminal consequences of participation, which is entirely at your own risk. Each participant agrees to hold Sponsor, any third party for any damage caused over to hold harmless and indemnify. By submitting an entry, each participating person recognizes these provisions in full and waives any liability claim against the organizer as well as to other participants or visitors of the event.
Subject to change
For all disputes the authentic German regulation is the basis

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